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Case study

The Story

Mr and Mrs Hartley* are requiring an urgent loan of £75,000. Mr and Mrs Hartley were faced with unforeseen circumstances which their financial situation could not accommodate, and they initially took out an unsecured loan to help them through the situation.

Repayment of this loan however was proving impossible for the couple, and they faced the terrible but very real threat of repossession of their home.

Close to losing everything, they contacted a specialist equity release adviser as their only route to keeping their home. The situation was urgent and without an offer by the end of the week, the Hartleys would have been subject to an immediate repossession.

What We Did

Acting promptly on the critical nature of the case, the adviser contacted Pure Retirement, who were able to issue an offer just 2 days after the application. The offer was used to secure the property and it allowed the Hartleys 42 days grace for completion to take place.

The Result

There were a few conditions which needed to be satisfied but completion was achieved within 30 working days. We were not only able to issue the required initial loan of £75,000 but were able to offer a maximum facility of £279,000.

Mr and Mrs Hartley were extremely relieved and thanks to the teamwork and eciency between adviser, lender and solicitors, they were able to keep their home.

*Client names have been changed to provide anonymity.
We cannot give any assurances that applications outside our lending criteria will be approved.

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